Mask for Atlantic City - V-RPL

Mask for Atlantic City

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These are mask made for ESSENTIAL WORKERS in Atlantic City Only. Your order will not be fulfilled if you are not registered with our Atlantic City Sales Rep

Our small mask are not made for long beards

Premium Triple Layered Mask

NanoScreen™ Mesh:

  • Primary technology in medical masks.
  • Defends and mitigates against a wide range of airborne droplets that can carry many viruses including COVID-19.
  • Excellent filtration efficiency engineered to block microscopic airborne particles in a nano-filtration mesh range of 20-800 nano-meters (0.02 – 0.8 microns).
  • Allergen blocking material.

Copper Filter:

  • An effective virucide disinfectant shield. 
  • Copper has potent biocidal properties that kills 90% of microbes within five minutes of contact.
  • Uses sophisticated chemical technology to kill harmful bacteria and viruses.

AllergyGuard™ Filter:

  • Helps protect from air pollution, pollen, allergens, dust, mold and airborne contaminants. 

Adjustable nose bar for added nasal protection 

Small mask have chin grip for added face seal  

Hand Washable / Reusable 

1-Month Usage 

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