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Finances should never be a factor in the health and safety of any human being.  Everyone should have access to a mask. (ALL TIPS AT THE END OF YOUR ORDER WILL BE GIVEN TO FRIENDS OF THE CHILDREN L.A.) 

That's why Michael Jordan and so many others have chipped in to help families in Los Angeles and across the nation. You can help too! Buy a mask and we'll donate one to a family who can't afford one and financially support the efforts of Friends of the Children L.A.! 

Our most vulnerable communities are at higher risk because of the lack of resources available nationwide. That's why we're partnering with Friends of the Children L.A. to provide free mask to families and children and financial support families who need just a little help to keep their families healthy and safe during this global pandemic. 

Friends of the Children is a nationwide organization that breaks the cycle of generational poverty. Friends who has chapters and affiliates in cities across America, provides long-term, paid, professional mentors for children affected by the foster system from kindergarten through high school graduation. They utilize a two-generation approach, they support not only youth, but their caregivers as well.

Friends Los Angeles is proactively taking action to prioritize the safety and well-being of families during COVID-19. Local and national teams have carefully mapped out a path for Friends to continue serving kids and families while schools are closed and summer programs most likely won’t open.

Mentors, also known as friends, are communicating with each child and parent remotely using technology to maintain connections and links to resources. Friends are also connecting with each child’s teacher to ensure continuity of academics due to school closures.

“Our specialty is serving youth and families who have big dreams and who face great challenges. As we live through this unprecedented situation with COVID-19, our top priorities are to keep serving all of our youth and their families, make sure our youth are safe, their needs are met, and that they have the opportunity to continue to learn,” wrote Terri Sorensen CEO of Friends of the Children in the Stanford Social Innovation Review. “We are a long-term, ‘no matter what’ organization, and we are relentless so our youth can be resilient.”

Families in Los Angeles and around the country are more vulnerable now more than ever. Parents are out of work or have severely reduced hours. Under normal circumstances, families already faced some of the greatest obstacles such as poverty, homelessness, food insecurity, access to health care, substance abuse and mental health issues. COVID-19 has put families in an even more precarious position, they are running low on food, trying to connect their children to on-line learning, and quarantined in close quarters — all the markers of a high-stress environment that can trigger child abuse and neglect.

Michael Jordan and so many others have stepped up to support them, including connecting them to various resources and partner organizations. They’ve already provided a range of immediate aid including grocery store gift cards, learning assistance like laptops, tablets, and school supplies, and filtered water, sanitation, and hygiene items.

The good news is you can help too! With your purchase of a mask you are helping us to donate a mask and financially support families who need just a little help during this global pandemic. Shop Now! 

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